Rally the Troops

The WAR IS ON! No quarter. No surrender. Time to pick a side and engage the enemy. Elves, St. Nick, reindeer, elves, nativity scene participants, and a ragtag collection of preachers on one side. The secular movement carrying copies of the Communist Manifesto or a signed copy of something by Dawkins on the other. Caught in the crossfire are those who shall be called “collateral victims/damage” or just the “Meh..”

It’s November, and the generals are beginning the rally their troops. There is a war on Christmas.

Notice it is mostly guerrilla in nature, and for the most part nonviolent. Stories, updates, and dispatches as they become available. Remember: Don’t let an atheist into your foxhole, it’s bad JuJu (unless they are in fact a Jew, in which case it is okay because they celebrate something similar but not under attack so they are more like Swiss Guards than anything).